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Welcome to our family history website.

The genealogical data presented here is my "Noggle" family tree. More specifically, these data focus on George Nagel (1762-1824), Catherine Setzer (1775-1855), their known descendants, and many of the families into which the descendants have married. Although not all-inclusive, other primary/related surnames and locations associated with this research are listed on this page in the left column. It is possible that you may identify with one of these surnames as a point of interest and entry into this research.

The primary navigation through this site is through both the top menu bar and the bottom menu. Both menus are, after entering the main site, persistent throughout, so available on each page. Two of these menu links, the Surname Index and Search, may be particularly useful in locating (if included) specific family groups and individuals. It should also be noted in advance that data relevant to currently living individuals have, in the interests of privacy, been excluded from the dataset

There are additional links, typically more general and informational, which may be found around the site. These links are associated with some images and the bottom-left subject labels. These links, typically, expand or enlarge images, or take one offsite to a number of genealogical resources.

Like family research itself, the presentation of family data changes over time. There is always new data to be added, corrections to be made, and new or different ways to present the data. As such, this website will be modified from time to time. So, check back occasionally, and feel free to contact us with feedback at the Admin email listed below.

If you are here, please explore. If you explore, please enjoy. We hope you find many items of general or interest!

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