General East-West Migration Map of the George Nagel Family Group

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Geographical information often provides valuable information in family history research. Land records, maps, GIS, and even census records, are quite useful against a backdrop of migration patterns, fluxuating governmental boundaries, and places that no longer officially exist. Culturally, it encompasses peoples' emotional attachments to ancestral places, place-based identities, personal/familial heritage travel.

The map image right is a graphic representation of the general east to west migration of the George Nagel family group. By clicking on the image (or the link icon above the image), one is taken off-site to an interactive Google map. On this map, there is some additional information about individual migrations, zooming and scrolling capabilities, and the option to change the base map (e.g. to Google Earth view). The back arrow in your browser should return to this site.

The list below are links to a number of places that, for me, have been important in reseaching family history. Learning about the physical and cultural milieu in which various family members have resided has facilitated a better understanding of both the people themselves and the information one is attempting to collect. In addition, each of these places has, in their own way and for me, created an inspiration for reseach beyond the courthouse.